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Sunday, 3 June 2012

About Kattumadam Mana Tirur Taluk Valanchery Malappuram District Irimbiliyam P.O. Kerala India

Kattumadam Mana
Kattumadam Mana, the residence of an aristocratic Brahmin family in the state of Kerala. This majestic mansion is situated in the Irimbiliyam Village at Valanchery  in the Malappuram District.
According to mythology, the Kattumadam mana is one of the Brahmin families assigned by sage Parasurama to perform tantric rituals. The members of the family still perform tantric rituals and a large number of people visit the place seeking to resolve their sins.

Main Deities- Vishnumaya, Chathan Swami, Durga Bhagavathi, Nagaraja etc.

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Kattumadam Mana  one is of the important families instructed by Sree Parasurama to do Magical rites and rituals in Kerala. Traditional tantric poojas are also done by this renowned mana. When trantric rituals could not be completed by a single family 14 more families are also given the right to do trantric poojas. Kattumadam Mana is one among them. Mana was initially located in the place where now Kannur Central Jail stands. Now the location of the Mana is in Irimbiliyam Village of Tirur Taluk in Malapuram district.

As Kattumadam Anil Namboothirippad sat gracefully in his armchair in his family home, paan stuffed in his mouth, silhouetted by the glow of oil lamps for evening poojas—he did not evoke the image of someone in the business of casting out evil spirits.

Kattumadam Mana, the 500-year-old mansion of the Kattumadam family, is imposing and leaves an eerie feeling. It stands isolated, a few kilometres away from the Navamukunda temple Temple Thirur in central Kerala.

According to folklore, the Kattumadam family is one of five families authorised by Lord Parasurama to perform tantric rituals including initiation rites for new idols, and witchcraft. The family is believed to have relocated from Malabar to central Kerala after the British arrived in Malabar.

Contrary to expectations, Namboothirippad is decidedly modern. His openness to discuss atheism, for example, impresses immediately. This, despite his fame as an expert in tantric rituals and exorcism.

In the day, Namboothirippad is busy offering poojas for clients to drive away their misfortunes in life, family or profession. At other times, he is busy flipping through books to learn new techniques and interpretations, in an effort to bridge science and beliefs.
“There are remedies prescribed for every human problem in the mantras we inherited from our ancestors, to resolve issues that are beyond humans,” Namboothiripad says, flipping through Beejakosham— a book on grammatical interpretations of mantras.
The Kattumadams believe mantras and rituals they have mastered should not be used any which way.Mantras should not be used to hurt or ruin the happiness of others, including enemies. Fortunately, our family is gifted with sensing such intent, even if clients try hide it.”.

People from across social strata approach him every day, including politicians who are ‘never satisfied with what they have’ or ordinary people, for whom he is the last resort. “Most politicians believe they need supernatural help, through tantric rituals for success,” he says, adding many carry a misconception that rituals provide instant solutions.

“The rituals are performed with a prayer for their well-being. How it takes effect, differs from person to person. The final outcome is not entirely in our hands”, he says.
He says he inherited most of what he practices from his father Kattumadam Narayanan Namboothirippad, a legendary tantric philosopher, who himself seems to have been disinterested in its practice, due to his Leftist leanings.

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